Well things are heating up in my neck of the woods and when it's hot I like a nice cold drink. I'm a lover of blended coffees, but they often have dairy in them so I've come up with my own. It's also so simple and delicious that I'm not sure why I hadn't been making them before! I hope everyone's doing well. I've been training for the NorCal CrossFit regional competition next weekend. I'm competing with my team, CrossFit 209 Sport and we've just been hammering our workouts. Like 3-4 hours a day! It's intense but it's awesome to be doing with some extremely fit and motivational athletes. And I can't believe it's 5 days away now! My families also coming out to watch me compete all weekend and I'm so excited. They've never seen me compete in CrossFit before so I can't wait for them to see what I do. Ill admit I'm nervous and feeling the pressure of competing on a team, but I'm also getting very anxious and excited. It should be an awesome but difficult three days. Ill report back next weekend with how it went! For now blend one of these up and enjoy.

Blended Iced Coffee


  • Coffee
  • Agave nectar, honey, maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
  • Almond milk


  1. Brew a pot of coffee and pour into ice cube trays
  2. When your cubes have frozen add them to a blender, about half full
  3. Add sweetener of choice to taste
  4. Pour in your almond milk until its level with the ice cubes but they aren't floating and blend
  5. You can add more sweetener to taste if needed, then pour into glasses and serve