I had the pleasure of taste testing one of the newest and most exciting things since, well, since forever. Slice and bake paleo cookie dough. Yes you heard me right. You order it online, slice it, bake it, and devour it. Or you just open the package and eat the dough if you see fit.

So what exactly is this paleo cookie dough I speak of? It's the latest creation from one of my favorite grain free brands Cappello's. I've written about their delicious pasta in the past. They make gluten and grain free Gnocchi, Fettuccine and Lasagna sheets out of almond flour. But cookie dough? That's just a whole new ballgame. They teamed up with one of my favorite paleo bloggers Primal Palate to create this treat and I'm pretty sure they've hit the nail on the head with this one. The majority of the dough is made from almond flour and they are sweetened with Organic Grade B Vermont Maple Syrup. There are a few other ingredients which I'm sure the paleo police will attack, specifically the evaporated cane juice in the chocolate chunks and the debatable use of arrowroot flour in the paleo diet, but you know what, if you're going to eat cookies on the paleo diet, then you've already condemned yourself to the backlash of the paleo police and you just need to move on and eat what fits your lifestyle. For me, I try to keep the largest part of my diet focused around meat, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruit. But on occasion I like to enjoy a treat like this, and knowing that one or two of these won't upset my stomach like a gluten filled one would makes me jump for joy!

So what do I actually think of these cookies. I'm pretty impressed to be honest. The texture was perfect. Honestly, just like a homemade cookie my grandma would have made. The taste? Far better then any paleo cookie I've ever had. The sweetener might take a little getting used to if you've never had a cookie sweetened with maple syrup, but in my opinion, it's delicious. There's also a little bit of a salty flavor to them, but it doesn't upset the taste. The best part though? They certainly don't slack on the amount of chocolate chips! They're packed full of them, and right out of the oven? So so gooey! I had a hard time not eating the whole plate.

So my overall consensus? They're amazing and delicious. One package is supposed to make about 20 cookies, although I only got about 18. Maybe I cut them a little too big. This is definitely an award winning recipe in my opinion and I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone. I'll certainly be sharing them with my family at the holidays and I'm positive my non-paleo family members will go crazy for them.

Oh, and that's almond milk I'm dipping them in, just in case you were curious!