Food, Fitness and 40 Hour Layovers

On Monday morning I headed to the San Francisco airport for my trip to Bali. The first part, although quite long, (20 hours to be exact) wasn’t so bad. I got an entire row of seats to myself, did some blogging, watched three movies, Jurassic World, Trainwreck and Hot Pursuit, and then managed to get a solid 5 hours of sleep sprawled across three seats. I flew with Singapore airlines and they were great. They fed me good food and offered me plenty of wine, water and coffee (the essentials). Then we landed in Singapore where I was supposed to have a 5 hour layover. It didn’t seem so terrible at first, that airport has a lot to do! Massive amounts of shopping, a free movie theatre, a gym, leg massagers, lounge chairs to sleep on. But then, at the end of my 5 hour layover, I was told there was another delay. Another 4 hours! Oh no. I was crashing now. I certainly hadn’t slept enough. I tried to lay down to sleep a little but they kept making announcements about the flight and I was so nervous I’d sleep through it. Then, at the end of the 9 hour layover, we were told our flight had been canceled. I was certainly bummed. I just wanted to be in Bali at this point! But more important than anything, I wanted to be on a safe flight.

Due to volcanic activity and ash in the air at Mount Rinjani on a nearby island, Indonesia closed down the Bali airport. Hundreds of flights had been canceled. The airline sorted out hotels for us in Singapore and told us that our fight would be rescheduled for 10am the next day. That meant another 24 hours in Singapore! I got to the hotel and settled in. Notified my friends in Bali. Then I decided I’d make the best of my situation.

My first stop was CrossFit Fire City. A friend had recommended it and they had open gym at 2pm so I decided to pop in. Sam, the trainer who was there when I showed up, was so great. I was behind on my programming from traveling so much and I had some qualifier workouts I needed to do and record and he helped me out with all of it. I was super grateful. Honestly I didn't even know how my training session would go seeing as I hadn’t slept much and I usually feel terrible after flying for a long time. But Sam and Reagan, the other trainer who was there, helped fire me up and get through it all. I left feeling so good.

I got back to my hotel, had some dinner, tried my absolute hardest to stay awake in an attempt to get used to the time change, but ended up passing out at 7pm. Not bad though. In the morning I headed down for breakfast. I met an Aussie guy who was also from my flight and after we ate we decided to wander around the area together. We came across a cool market with lots of fresh food and meat. The area we were in was pretty unique. A blend of old and modern. It was pretty cool. 

When we headed back to the hotel we found out that our flight had been delayed again. I decided I’d go for a run. My coach had programmed a 3-5 mile jog. I decided on the 3 miles. The humidity was TERRIBLE! I’ve never experienced anything like it. I nearly drowned in my own sweat. Somehow I also managed to get lost. And because of that I’m pretty sure I ended up running 5 miles. I suppose that was the universes way of telling me I needed to run 5 miles and I should have just set out to do that in the first place.

After my run and a quick shower I walked to Clarke Quay. If I had to describe it I’d say it was like a tourist mecca of restaurants and bars along the river. I suppose it would be a fun night out if you were with some friends and felt like drinking. They had this bar, Chupitos, that I’d been to in Spain. I didn’t realize they had them anywhere else in the world. The bar only serves shots. So dangerous. I won’t tell you what happened when I went there last time. But I was only 20 and the night did not end so well. 

After some more confusion about whether the Denpasar airport would reopen anytime soon and contemplating new travel plans, at 2:30pm the airline told us to show up at the airport as quickly as possible. So I did, and by 5:30pm I was up in the air on my way to Bali! 

So in the end my 5 hour layover in Singapore turned into 40 hours and I learned a lot about myself very quickly. Not everything is always going to go to plan and that’s okay. I tried to make the best of a situation I hadn’t planned for and I think it all worked out just fine.