Weekend Workout Anywhere #2 + healthy travel tips

Last week I went on vacation with my mom and my sister to Disney World and Universal Orlando! I was so excited. 6 days of fun. However, I also knew getting my workouts in would be difficult. Unfortunately my hotel did not have a gym so I had to work with what I had. A couple mornings I woke up really early and went for a 30 minute jog. Two days I was able to catch open gym at a nearby CrossFit and a few nights I did a hotel room workout. This was one that my coach sent me and it was tough! So I thought it would be perfect for this weeks Weekend Workout Anywhere.

*If you are unable to perform 20 burpees and/or 10-15 handstand push-ups in the minute reduce the reps to an amount that you can complete but is still challenging. Also, if you cannot do handstand push-ups, grab a pair of dumbbells and do strict presses with them.

Tips to eat healthy while traveling

I'm often on the road, or on a long flight, staying in a hotel or place that isn't mine. But I do my best to eat just as I normally would. Here are my tips for eating healthy while traveling.

1. Drink a lot of water - I always bring a water bottle with me everywhere I go. You can fill it up almost anywhere. And when I get on a plane I just ask the flight attendant to fill it up for me when they come around with drinks.

2. Protein bars - they make great snacks. My favorite are Perfect Bar, RX Bar and Quest Bar.

3. Fuel for Fire - they're like baby food with protein in them and they're great for traveling! 

4. Meal prep - if I'm setting out for a long day of travel I'll often bring one of my Pick It Up Paleo premade meals or make a meal to pack. Something simple (and tasty) like chicken and veggies or hard boiled eggs that you can eat cold.

5. Packaged snacks - beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit and veggie chips all make easy snacks to pack.

6. Vitamins and supplements - I always pack my PurePharma supplements because they make daily packs that are easy for traveling. I also bring a few single serve protein packs to drink after I get a workout in.

7. Book an AirBnB or hotel with a kitchen - then when you arrive you can grocery shop and cook your own food. I find this the easiest way to eat healthy (and save money!) while traveling.