7 Day Meal Plan - Flexible Dieting

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about flexible dieting entitled, Confessions of a Flexible Dieter. Shortly after I receive some emails curious to learn more and specifically to know what a typical meal plan might look like. One of the greatest aspects of flexible dieting is that no two diets look the same. And therefore almost anyone, and everyone, can benefit from a flexible diet approach. Why do no two diets look the same? Because we're all different! We have different body types, goals, workout routines, lifestyles and food preferences. The things I might include in my diet for training purposes, body composition goals and taste preferences might be completely different from yours. However, our methods for developing better eating habits and making positive and sustainable food choices can be similar as we learn more about food, the nutrients it provides, and what our personal definition of "flexible" is.

For me personally, the amount of flexibility in my diet is directly related to the amount of trade offs I'm willing to make. And this changes constantly depending on my current goals and lifestyle. For example, as a CrossFit athlete with my season rapidly approaching, weighing and measuring my food and meal prepping is important. I know what my body needs for optimal performance and I want to fine tune that as much as possible. Over the summer, when I wasn't in season and I was traveling and visiting friends quite often, I was more lenient. Because I've been using this approach for some time, I can go out to eat and just eyeball portion sizes. This was sufficient for my current goals at the time because I just wanted to be healthy, enjoy being social and eat good food. 

Below is a sample meal plan of my current eating habits. As I mentioned, I'm in season now so I'm optimizing my nutrition. With that being said, you will see I still make room for treats. Because I know myself well and allowing for those treats makes this a sustainable diet for me. You will also notice that not everything I eat is paleo. Over the years I've really listened to my body and what foods I feel best eating, so I choose to eat a predominantly paleo diet with some dairy, gluten free grains and the occasional "treat".

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Although I love to cook, my schedule is quite busy and I know how important it is to have good food readily available to keep me on track. Because of this I order the bulk of my food from Trifecta, a meal delivery service. I can order my protein and carbs in bulk and they arrive every week, precooked, fresh and ready to eat on my doorstep. Then its just a matter of keeping my pantry stocked and buying some breakfast items for the week. I also receive monthly deliveries from PurePharma, FitAID and Blonyx so that my supplements arrive each month without having to think about it.

Below is my shopping list for the week. I didn't include any amounts, because like I said, we all eat different portion sizes. This is just to give you a general idea of what this week looks like for me! Also, some of these items (like the pantry items) I only purchase on occasion, when I've run out.


Shopping List


Gluten free instant oatmeal
Gluten free granola
Rice cakes
Angie’s lightly sweet popcorn
Collagen protein
Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate
Peanut butter
Quest bars
Barbecue sauce


PurePharma O3
PurePharma SB3
Blonyx HMB + Creatine


A la cart salmon
A la cart chicken
A la cart steak
A la cart broccoli
A la cart sweet potatoes
A la cart brown rice
A la cart quinoa


Red bell peppers
Mixed lettuce


Egg whites
Chicken sausage
Half and half
Nonfat Greek yogurt
Halo Top ice cream

Ashley Beaver - Nutrition coach - Black Iron Nutrition - blackironnutrition@gmail.com for inquiries