Weekend Workout Anywhere #7

Here's your weekend workout anywhere! I hope you're enjoying them. This week I've added a piece of equipment. In the video you will see me using a sandbag and a medicine ball. If you don't have these items available to you, get creative! Grab a backpack and fill it with anything (well anything that you're okay dropping on the ground) until it's a weight you feel comfortable with. I'm using a 45 pound sandbag in this video. A friend of mine, Emily Schromm, actually created a multifunctional backpack that you can basically travel with and then use to do workouts like this with. You can get more about the EmPack on her Kickstarter page. I'm excited to get one!

Sandbag over shoulder
Sandbag squats
*200m weighted run after each round

4 X 1 min weighted plank
*1 min rest between each

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