Weekend Workout Anywhere #10

Another weekend has come! They just announced the 3rd CrossFit Open workout and I'm really excited to do it this weekend with my teammates at the gym. After that I have lunch plans with a good friend I haven't seen in a while because she's always traveling. It's hard to keep track of which country she's in! I love it though. She makes me want to travel more. Speaking of, I think I'll start planning my next trip. Where should I go? I'd love to go back and travel around South East Asia. Or maybe South America. Who knows. I'll fill you in when I decide though. I promise.

It's been a cold rainy week here in California. We had so much sunshine, and then it just disappeared. But it looks like the sunshine is coming back next week so I'll just find somewhere warm and cozy to snuggle up this weekend, cook some good food and await the suns arrival. Any recipe requests?

Alright, you came here for the workout. So here it is! A quick, simple and fun one this weekend. Let me know how it goes!

Weekend Workout Anywhere #10

These workouts are made to be done anywhere with minimal to no equipment, so that no matter where you are this weekend, you can get a workout in!

For Time:
Squat jumps

3 sets of 20 supermans

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