Weekend Workout Anywhere #28

Yay the weekend is here! And it's going to be soooo hot. Like in the 100s. Luckily I have a bunch of plans that involve water. Friday I'm working out with some friends in Folsom, and then we're going to go hang out at Folsom Lake. Oddly enough, as close as Folsom Lake is, I've never been, so I'm really excited to just relax and be by the water. Then in the afternoon I'm driving up to Rollins Lake, which from Folsom is just another hour or so north. It's a beautiful lake that my family has been camping at for years. My aunt and uncle are really into camping and backpacking and outdoor adventures and they know how to do it right. They'll be camping at Rollins for 10 days, and they rent a private cove on the lake. It's beautiful. Everyone sets up a tent or just sleeps on a cot outside. They bring their boats and we go waterskiing and wake boarding all week. Unfortunately I won't be able to ski this trip because of my fractured patella, but I'm still looking forward to being outside, relaxing, reading and sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows at night.

Last year at Rollin's we did a fun lake workout and I'm looking forward to getting in a little one at the lake this year too. Since I still can't swim I plan on doing this EMOM at the beach.

These workouts are made to be done anywhere with minimal to no equipment, so that no matter where you are this weekend, you can get a workout in!

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:
15 clapping push-ups
25 sit-ups
5 pull-ups

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