Workout Anywhere #42

I'm a bit overdue for a workout anywhere post. Hopefully you've been utilizing some of my past workouts to get you by when traveling or training at home. So much has happened since my last post. I'm fully moved into my new house and I'm slowly working on my home gym. It still needs a lot of work, but it's coming along! In the mean time I'm still utilizing body weight movements. And luckily, as you know, you can get a lot done with just your body! This weeks workout is a 30 second on, 30 second off workout. So really push yourself during the 30 seconds of work, because you get 30 second of rest. If you don't have a box to jump on thats okay, find a step somewhere. Get creative! And you don't have to do freestanding HSPUs (unless you want to), I just hadn't practiced them in a while (which you can tell by how all over the place I am in this video). You can do strict HSPUs, kipping HSPUs, or even regular pushups. Give this one a try and let me know how it goes!

These workouts are made to be done anywhere with minimal to no equipment, so that no matter where you are this weekend, you can get a workout in!

5 Rounds:
Max Air Squats in 30 seconds
30 second rest
Max HSPUS (any kind) in 30 seconds
30 second rest
Max Box Jumps in 30 seconds
30 second rest
Max Sit-Ups in 30 seconds
30 second rest

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