Workout Anywhere #44

What's more fun than swinging from a tree and flipping tires with your friends in the sunshine? Not much if you ask me! Amber came over this week, we threw some rings up in a tree, dragged out a tractor tire and made up this fun little workout. Get creative with this one. If you don't have rings thats okay. If you have a place to do pull ups swap them for the muscle ups. And if you don't have a tire, try to find another odd object to push around. And if you absolutely have nothing, that's okay too! I have a fully modified workout below that doesn't require equipment. Have fun!

These workouts are made to be done anywhere with minimal to no equipment, so that no matter where you are this weekend, you can get a workout in!

5 rounds:
5 heavy tire flips
10 tire jumps
5 strict toes to bar
4 muscle ups
200m run

Modified version:

5 rounds:
15 air squats
10 box jumps (find a stair or a bench to jump on)
10 V-ups
10 push-ups
200m run

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